LLM Leadership Workshop

Maximising the Efficiency of Knowledge Work through AI

Executive Summary

LLM Leadership is a transformative workshop that introduces non-technical C-suite executives, department heads and other organisational leaders to the strategic potential of Large Language Models like GPT-4 and ChatGPT.

The workshop goes beyond buzzwords and media hype. It focuses on helping leaders understand the technology and then use it to significantly improve the operational efficiency of the traditional knowledge work that they are responsible for.

It offers a comprehensive learning experience that can be facilitated both online and in person, and can be customised to the needs of each organisation.


While Generative AI is the trendsetting buzzword, the true transformative power of recent AI developments for corporates lies in Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4 and ChatGPT.

These models are revolutionary master keys that unlock massive gains in strategic innovation and operational efficiency.

2023 was the year for business leaders to develop a clear understanding of LLMs as well as their capabilities and applications.

For those that didn’t, the imperative for 2024 is to play catch-up in an already accelerated race.

The LLM Leadership Workshop offers non-technical C-suite executives, department heads and other strategic leaders the much-needed comprehensive guidance to quickly master the essentials:

1. What are these models?
2. How do they function?
3. How do they revolutionise independent knowledge work?
4. How do they revolutionise interdependent knowledge work?
5. How do they revolutionise business process automation?
6. What should be expected when implementing them?

Leadership Empowerment

The LLM Leadership Workshop empowers your leaders in the most efficient yet effective way.

1. LLM Clarity

Equip your leaders with a clear understanding of LLMs, enabling them to confidently integrate AI into their business strategies.

2. Innovative Insights

Enable your leaders to discover practical uses of LLMs that can significantly boost the efficiency and innovation of their departments.

3. Visionary Mindset

Cultivate a forward-thinking approach in your leaders, positioning them and their teams to capitalise on LLM advancements for immediate growth.

4. Practical Acumen

Give your leaders hands-on experience in LLM tools, empowering them to apply this knowledge effectively within their business units.

5. Risk Awareness

Enhance your the ability of your leasers to foresee and manage the implications and risks of implementing LLMs in their operational practices.

6. Agile Adaptability

Prepare your leaders to navigate the rapid advancements in LLMs, fostering agility in their strategic planning and management.

Organisational Advancement

The LLM Leadership Workshop catalyses growth and innovation.

1. Strategic Insight

Your leaders' newfound LLM expertise will streamline decision-making, yielding more efficient and effective strategic outcomes.

2. Operational Efficiency

With LLM insights, your leaders will cut through knowledge work bottlenecks, enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

3. Innovative Leadership

Your LLM-empowered leaders will keep your organisation at technology’s forefront, ensuring a sustained competitive advantage.

4. Customer Satisfaction

LLM tools in the hands of your leaders will elevate customer service, leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

5. Workforce Development

The ripple effect of your leaders' improved AI literacy will upskill your workforce, integrating advanced AI capabilities throughout your organisation.

6. Risk Mitigation

Your leaders will be ready to identify and address LLM implementation risks, safeguarding your organisation's operational integrity.

Duration & Delivery

Optimal Experience

Our flagship offering spans a 10-hour workshop, delivered across five two-hour sessions.

* Session 1 (ideally in-person) is a foundational kick-off to make the human connection, align objectives and engage with participants’ initial questions and expectations

* Session 2-4 (ideally online) are richly interactive, featuring in-depth discussions, practical activities and scenario-driven learning. These modules are designed for leaders to deeply engage with the content and collaboratively explore its application to their business contexts

* Session 5 (preferably in-person) synthesises learning outcomes, secures actionable commitments and ensures a shared vision for applying workshop insights to drive transformation within the organisation.

Our hybrid approach blends personal interaction with online learning, ensuring a deep understanding of the content while respecting the time constraints of busy executives.

Tailored Delivery Options

While we stand by the transformative power of our workshop, we respect your organisational needs and honour your expertise in knowing what's best for your team.

If our recommended format doesn't align perfectly with your requirements, we can collaborate to find the right fit.

Full In-Person Delivery
Experience the workshop entirely face-to-face, fostering maximum personal interaction. Ideal for teams who value traditional learning environments, though it may present scheduling challenges.

Condensed Seminar

A streamlined 4-hour seminar is also available for those who need a brief but impactful overview. This format captures the essence of our content for leaders on the tightest schedules, without the full breadth of the immersive workshop.


Through preliminary consultations, we can customise the workshop to meet your specific needs.

Company Contextualisation

We can adapt the content to align more closely with the nature of your business, its current or upcoming initiatives as well as the roles, responsibilities and departments of the participants.

Alignment with KPIs

We can potentially tailor the workshop to align with your Key Performance Indicators so that it directly contributes to improvements and outcomes being measured in your business operations.

Alignment with L&D Initiatives

We can potentially align the workshop with your Learning and Development initiatives to ensure that the workshop supports broader organisational goals.


Our standard is to measure the workshop impact through a multi-dimensional approach.

Implementation Ideas Review

We will evaluate the creativity, feasibility and business alignment of the implementation ideas generated by participants, reflecting their ability to apply their new LLM knowledge in practical scenarios.

Questionnaire Assessment

We will use Likert-scale questionnaires before and after the workshop to assess shifts in the understanding and attitudes of the participants towards LLMs.

Post-Workshop Impact Meeting

We will hold a meeting involving the participants and/or key stakeholders after 1-3 months to evaluate the real-world application and outcomes of the workshop, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its impact.

Post-Workshop Support

We offer a range of post-workshop opportunities to support you in realising the full potential of LLMs and to ensure continuous growth and adaptation in the rapidly evolving field of AI.

Implementation Consultancy

We can assist you in integrating LLM concepts into specific roles and challenges. This includes in-person sessions focused on identifying opportunities for AI-driven innovations in operations and online follow-up sessions to support implementation.

AI Literacy & Skill Training

We provide further training options tailored for continuous development at every stage of the LLM Adoption Roadmap™. This includes informationdriven AI literacy training (e.g. “Ethics of Implementing LLMs”) as well as transformation-driven AI skill development training (e.g. “ChatGPT for Knowledge Workers”).

About the Facilitator

Fahed Bizzari is an acclaimed expert in AI transformation, boasting an impressive 20-year track record in entrepreneurship, 18 years in software development and a decade in management consulting and training.

He has 2 years of working experience with GPT and he is recognised by Kapwing as being among the top 0.1% of ChatGPT users, underscoring his deep understanding and innovative use of LLMs.

Creator of the ChatGPT Accelerator, Fahed is known for pioneering AIdriven solutions that shape industry trends. His role as an international thought leader is evidenced by his frequent invitations to speak and conduct training globally.

Fahed's workshops are celebrated for their engaging and insightful nature. He has a unique ability to simplify complex AI concepts, making them easily understandable and actionable for business leaders.

Combining practical wisdom with strategic guidance, he adeptly steers individuals and organisations through the nuances of AI transformation towards effective, tangible results.

Fahed brought about a truly profound change in my mindset.
Andrea Prazakova
Vice President - Mastercard

Fahed's training has been transformational for me and I recommend it to everyone.
Bijay Shah
National Director - BNI, UAE

It's fortunate that we have a ChatGPT thought leader like Fahed here in Dubai.
Lorenzo Jooris
CEO - Creative Zone

Fahed's approach helped us achieve practical insights for effective implementation.
Ahmad Al Khayyat
CEO - Al Khayyat Investments

Fahed is a committed expert, guiding newcomers to achieve maximum results.
Narendra Gajria
Managing Director / COO - Al Mal Capital

About Bellamy Alden

Bellamy Alden is one of few AI Transformation companies that empower medium to large-sized organisations with AI training and consulting services.

Our aim is to see your organisation realise AI’s promises of efficiency and innovation by integrating it into your strategies and operations.

We guide and support you in this transformation, equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the unfolding AI landscape.

We believe in a holistic approach that emphasises both AI literacy and strategic application.

We offer a range of training programmes that cater to the disparate needs of both leaders and other levels of staff.

We are dedicated to your long-term success, offering support beyond this workshop to ensure sustained growth and adaptation in the evolving world of AI.

Clients include:


Unique Value Proposition

Executive Focus on Application Over General Theory

While other AI training programmes are general, theoretical and focus on enlightening participants about the magic of Generative AI, this workshop offers leaders a practical guide to applying LLMs for operational efficiency and innovation within their actual business units. It's designed not only to educate them, but to empower them with immediately applicable skills, knowledge, vision and goals.

Expert Facilitation with Real-World Experience

The facilitator is not just an educator, but a leading industry expert with hands-on experience in implementing LLMs for operational improvements. This experience provides practical insights and real-world examples that other programmes lack.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience

The workshop combines hands-on activities and real-world simulations with interactive discussions, ensuring engaging, practical learning. Participants apply LLM concepts directly to their business scenarios, supported by personalised workbooks and post-workshop resources for lasting retention.

Convenience and Customisation Possibilities

The workshop can be tailored to organisational needs including content customisation, KPI-alignment, L&D-alignment and delivery/format options to ensure maximum convenience for your executives.

Embarking on the journey of AI integration and operational efficiency is not just a step towards innovation; it's a leap into future-proofing the success of your leadership and organisation.

The LLM Leadership Workshop is your gateway to this transformative path and your first step is to connect with us and confirm the suitability of this impactful workshop for your leadership team.

You may contact us on email or by phone:

+971 58 5558 158

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