ChatGPT Essentials

Providing decision-makers with concrete, empirical evidence of the operational impact of language model assistants.


Welcome to "ChatGPT Essentials", a comprehensive awareness training programme designed by Bellamy Alden for employees across various functional areas who are poised to use ChatGPT as part of their daily workflows.

As the leading AI language model, understanding ChatGPT is crucial because of how significantly it can amplify your team's capabilities when comprehended and applied correctly, thereby opening doors to heightened operational efficiency for your company.

As an awareness programme, ChatGPT Essentials aims at elevating that understanding layer by layer so that your team can begin their AI journey with confidence.
We look forward to the opportunity of working alongside your organisation to explore the transformative power of ChatGPT with a view to revolutionising the way your team operates, thinks and innovates.

Please note that this programme is not intended for senior executives for whom we offer a more specialised Executive Briefing which speaks to strategic implementation and oversight, focusing on broader operational efficiencies and organisational strategy.

Programme Overview

ChatGPT Essentials is structured through a series of dynamic modules that can be expanded, contracted or removed based on your aspirations and limitations such as available training time and organisational priorities.

1. Tech Introduction
Basics of LLMs and an in-depth look at ChatGPT.
2. Use Cases
Demonstrations of ChatGPT's applications in various business scenarios, supported by real-world examples.
3. Benefits and Limitations
A balanced view of what ChatGPT can offer and its limitations.
4. Common Pitfalls
Common mistakes and misconceptions.
5. Integration
Strategies for incorporating ChatGPT into daily workflows.
6. Ethical Use and Compliance
Discussion on ethical considerations, biases, privacy etc.
7. Attitudes for Success
Essential attitudes for leveraging AI successfully
8. Developing the Right Skills
Essential skills for leveraging AI professionally.
9. Top Tips
A selection of best practices and tips for effectively using ChatGPT.
10. Employment Concerns
Understanding the impact of AI on job security


Delivery Format

The programme offers two formats for delivery:
1. An online interactive webinar hosted on _oom or MS Teams, ensuring accessibility for participants regardless of their location;
2. An in-person session conducted providing a more hands-on and personalised experience.

Schedule and Duration

As a primer, the programme is ideally suited to a single 60-minute session with additional time for Q&A.
Each module can also be delivered as more expansive stand-alone training programmes that offer more depth and interactivity.

Post-Training Resources

L&D Managers can request a comprehensive set of digital "notes" to be distributed among staff to enhance retention and reinforce the learning objectives.

A carefully crafted quiz can also be provided as a valuable tool for posttraining evaluation.

Customisation Options

Our programme offers extensive customisation options to ensure relevance and effectiveness. This includes industry-specific tailoring, where the content is adapted to align with the particular challenges and needs of your industry, and role-based customisation, allowing the training to address the unique requirements of different roles within your organisation.


The investment for ChatGPT Essentials starts at $1,500, which includes a standard 60-minute webinar plus time for Q&A.

The following extras can be provided at additional cost which can be given should you require a formal proposal.

Content Customisation

If you require the content to be specifically tailored to your industry, or to address the unique needs of different roles within your organisation, we can provide this customization at an extra cost.

In-Person Delivery

The base offering is for online delivery. For in-person sessions, which include the personal presence of trainers, there will be additional costs that also include travel, accommodation etc.

Content Licensing

Our standard pricing includes a live presentation only. Should you wish to record the content, obtain a pre-prepared notes workbook, a post-training notes pack or include a customised post-training quiz for your staff, these are available for an additional fee.

White Labelling

If you prefer the training to be presented under your organisation s branding for a seamless integration into your internal training programs, white labelling can be arranged for an extra fee.

Extended Training Duration

Should you require extended training or additional sessions to delve deeper into specific topics, this will incur additional costs.


Q: What if a participant misses a session?
A: Should there be concerns about attendees missing a session, we provide the option to license a recording for catch-up. Please note that certificates of completion are awarded only to those who attend, and they are not accredited by any university.
Q: Can you track participant engagement during the session?
A: Engagement tracking is available at an extra cost for sessions hosted by us. However, if your company is hosting, we are unable to offer this service. Additional coordination is required for engagement tracking.
Q: Is there any support available after the programme ends?
A: We do not offer post-programme support as a standard. This programme is designed as an initial step, which we hope will lead to further, more advanced training opportunities.
Q: Can the programme be integrated into our existing L&D framework?
A: Yes, the programme can be white-labeled and integrated into your L&D framework. This service is available at an additional cost.
Q: How often is the programme content updated?
A: We ensure the programme content is regularly updated to keep pace with the latest advancements in AI and ChatGPT.

Q: How many people can participate in the programme?
A: As an awareness programme, there is no limit as long as the participants belong to the same company. However, the amount of time allocated for the session will influence the level of interaction and the opportunity for participants to ask questions.
Q: Does the programme cater to different learning styles?
A: While we do not tailor the content to specific learning styles, we strive to make the programme as interactive as possible to engage all participants effectively.
Q: Are there follow-up or refresher courses available?
A: Currently, we do not offer follow-up or refresher courses for this specific programme.
Q: Do you have a feedback mechanism for the programme?
A: Yes, we have our own feedback mechanism in place. If your organization wishes to use a specific feedback system, we can coordinate with you to implement it.
Q: Is the programme suitable for different levels of AI familiarity?
A: Absolutely. This programme is designed to be beneficial for individuals with various levels of familiarity with AI, from beginners to those with some prior knowledge.
Q: Can the programme be expanded into more in-depth workshops?
A: Yes, this primer can be developed into more comprehensive, interactive in-person workshops, providing a deeper dive into the subject matter.

About the Facilitator

Fahed Bizzari is an acclaimed expert in AI transformation, boasting an impressive 20-year track record in entrepreneurship, 18 years in software development and a decade in management consulting and training.

He has 2 years of working experience with GPT and he is recognised by Kapwing as being among the top 0.1% of ChatGPT users, underscoring his deep understanding and innovative use of LLMs.
Creator of the ChatGPT Accelerator, Fahed is known for pioneering AIdriven solutions that shape industry trends. His role as an international thought leader is evidenced by his frequent invitations to speak and conduct training globally.

Fahed's workshops are celebrated for their engaging and insightful nature. He has a unique ability to simplify complex AI concepts, making them easily understandable and actionable for business leaders.

Combining practical wisdom with strategic guidance, he adeptly steers individuals and organisations through the nuances of AI transformation towards effective, tangible results.

About Bellamy Alden

Bellamy Alden is one of few AI Transformation companies that empower medium to large-sized organisations with AI training and consulting services.

Our aim is to see your organisation realise AI’s promises of efficiency and innovation by integrating it into your strategies and operations.

We guide and support you in this transformation, equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the unfolding AI landscape.

We believe in a holistic approach that emphasises both AI literacy and strategic application.

We offer a range of training programmes that cater to the disparate needs of both leaders and other levels of staff.

We are dedicated to your long-term success, offering support beyond this workshop to ensure sustained growth and adaptation in the evolving world of AI.
Clients include:

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