AI PoC Programme

Providing decision-makers with concrete, empirical evidence of the operational impact of language model assistants.

Empowered by Evidence

Facing the Challenge

Organisation leaders are inundated with claims about AI's transformative power from media, reports and conferences. But without solid evidence within their own operations, these claims feel more like pervasive rumours than reliable promises. This flood of unverified benefits creates a barrier to decisive action that leaves growth opportunities untapped.

Envisioning the Transformation

Imagine your leaders replacing this uncertainty with clear, actionable insights. Instead of just speculating on AI's potential, they witness its benefits directly: enhanced strategic innovation and improved operational efficiency. This firsthand experience instills confidence within them to pursue AI transformation.

Bridging the Gap with Confidence

The Bellamy Alden AI Proof of Concept (PoC) Programme is designed to facilitate this transformation. It provides a structured process that allows your organisation to experience the benefits of AI integration directly, equipping your leaders with the empirical evidence needed to confidently navigate the path towards full AI adoption.

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Service Overview

Your Path to AI Validation

Discover and Diagnose

We work closely with your team to identify one or two key processes within your organisation that are prime candidates for AI integration.

Collaborative Benchmarking

Together with your experts, we understand the nuances of your processes and establish clear benchmarks. This crucial step captures the current state of your selected processes, including all relevant metrics such as time, cost and resource allocation.

Strategic Implementation

With benchmarks in place, we implement tailored AI solutions. These solutions are developed in close collaboration with your team to ensure the outcomes match or exceed your existing outcomes and that they fit seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Measure and Evaluate

We rigorously measure the impact of AI integration against your original benchmarks. This comparison highlights the operational improvements achieved through Human-AI Collaboration.

Plan for the Future

The empirical evidence of AI's impact empowers your leaders to make informed decisions on further AI adoption and integration in the organisation.


Strategic Insights of an AI PoC

Validate Specific AI Use Cases

Identify and validate one or two high-impact AI integration use cases within your organisation, providing a focused vision of potential improvements.

Establish Proof of Value

Quantify the real-world benefits and ROI from AI use cases, providing clear evidence to support further investment and adoption across your organisation.

Engage and Empower Your Team

Involve key team members in the programme to enhance their AI understanding and readiness for broader organisational changes.

Develop a Scalable AI Integration Framework

Based on the programme's findings, create a scalable framework for AI adoption that can be applied to other areas of your operations.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey

Use the programme as a springboard for wider digital transformation efforts, leveraging early successes to encourage ongoing innovation.


Realising Value from Your AI PoC

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Equip your team with empirical evidence from the programme, enabling informed strategic decisions about broader AI adoption and investment.

Operational Efficiency Improvement

Directly observe improvements in efficiency and productivity within your selected processes as a result of AI integration, backed by concrete benchmarking.

Risk Reduction

Minimise the uncertainties associated with AI adoption by experiencing its impact in a controlled environment, helping to ensure a smoother full-scale rollout.

Cultural Transformation

Kickstart a cultural shift towards innovation and digital transformation by demonstrating AI's practical benefits and building confidence among your staff.


Is the AI PoC Right for You?

This programme is suited for your organisation if:

  • You feel pressure to integrate AI — whether internal or external.
  • You prefer to take a cautious approach.
  • You seek concrete examples of operational efficiency improvements from within your organisation before committing to broader implementation.

Committing to Your AI PoC Journey

Investment starts at $7,000 and accounts for:

  • Initial consultation to identify your organisation's specific needs and challenge.
  • Programme customisation based on the consultation.
  • Selection and development of tailored use cases.
  • Dedicated support from a Bellamy Alden specialist throughout the programme.
  • A series of workshops and meetings to ensure successful implementation and evaluation.
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting to demonstrate the impact of integration.
  • Post-programme support to address any follow-up questions.
Next Steps

Launching Your AI PoC with Us

We are excited to see the Bellamy Alden AI PoC Programme benefit your organisation and we await your request for an initial consultation.

For inquiries, please contact us on

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