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Providing decision-makers with concrete, empirical evidence of the operational impact of language model assistants.


As the AI Boom gets into full swing, leaders have differed in their approach to AI.Some have advanced eagerly with their foot on the accelerator, while others are hesitating with their foot on the brakes. The key difference is that the accelerators have made a profound realization that AI has reached a point where it can finally do tasks once thought to be limited to humans only.


Unique Value Proposition

The AI Leadership Catalyst is a tailored experience designed to bridge the gap between senior leaders and the practical realities of AI. It does not offer an education in AI. Rather, it offers a pivotal break through experience (PBE) that shifts perspectives and sparks curiosity about thestrategic implications of AI for their organisations Our value proposition is grounded in realism—acknowledging the complexitiesof AI while offering a clear, accessible entry point for senior leaders. The AILeadership Catalyst is about starting the conversation, opening minds to theAI Leadership Catalyst 3possibilities and setting the stage for the deeper exploration and integration ofAI into business strategies.



The AI Leadership Catalyst is a tailored, 90-minute coaching session designedto immerse senior leaders in a personal and transformative experience withartificial intelligence (AI). It s not merely about demonstrating AI s capabilities;it s about facilitating an intimate, hands-on engagement where leaderspersonally explore AI, applying it to their own challenges and scenarios. Thisapproach ensures the experience is deeply personal and impactful, leading to aPivotal Breakthrough Experience (PBE) that shifts perceptions and inspires aproactive embrace of AI. Through this session, leaders receive an epiphanicglimpse into AI s potential, experiencing a vivid sense of its power andrelevance, which compels them to champion AI innovation and integrationwithin their organisations with newfound conviction.


Session Objectives

The objectives of the AI Leadership Catalyst session are designed to provide senior leaders with a profound, personal experience with AI, catalysing apivotal shift in their understanding and approach to leadership in the AI era. The session aims to By achieving these objectives, the AI Leadership Catalyst session aims to setthe stage for transformative leadership and competitive advantage in the AIdriven future.



The AI Leadership Catalyst session is facilitated by a specialist who guidesparticipants through a methodology designed to lead them to their PivotalBreakthrough Experience (PBE). The session takes 90 minutes, structured to maximize insights and impactwithin a concise timeframe, catering to the busy schedules of seniorexecutives. The process unfolds as follows:




The session is designed to last precisely 90 minutes, providing a comprehensive yet concise exploration of AI's strategic potential without requiring a significant time commitment from participants.


The sessions can be conducted online, offering flexibility and convenience, orin person at a location convenient to the leader for increased engagement.


The session adopts a one-on-one format, ensuring a personalized, focused, and private experience. This format allows the facilitator to tailor the discussion and activities to the participant's specific context.

Investment Overview

Engaging in the AI Leadership Catalyst session represents not just a financial commitment but a strategic investment in the future of leadership andorganisational excellence. Priced at $1,100 per participant, the session is designed to offer profoundinsights into AI s strategic potential within a concise, 90-minute format. Thisinvestment is a gateway to unlocking unparalleled advantages for leaders andtheir organisations:

Strategic Empowerment

Immediate Strategic Clarity
Condensed into a 90-minute intensivesession, leaders gain immediate, actionable insights into leveraging AI forstrategic advantage, transcending the traditional, lengthy process oftechnology adoption.

Tailored Strategic Applications
Beyond theoretical exploration, thesession provides practical, personalised guidance on harnessing AI toaddress specific organisational challenges, ensuring relevance andapplicability.

Competitive Edge

Accelerated Innovation
The Pivotal Breakthrough Experience at the coreof the session empowers leaders to fast-track AI integration, securing acompetitive edge in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Future-Proof Leadership
Equip leaders with the foresight and agility tonavigate and shape the future of their industries, fostering a culture ofinnovation and adaptability

Financial Justification

Expert Access and Mentorship
The investment affords one-on-oneaccess to AI specialists, offering expert guidance, mentorship, andpersonalised problem-solving at a fraction of the cost of traditionalconsultancy services.

Long-Term Value
The insights and strategies derived from the sessionpromise to enhance decision-making, operational efficiency, andinnovation, yielding returns that far exceed the initial financial outlay.

Cultural Transformation

Empowerment Through Insight
By demystifying AI and showcasing itsstrategic implications, leaders are empowered to advocate for and lead AIinitiatives, fostering a forwardthinking culture across the organisation.

Driving Organisational Change
The session is a catalyst for culturaltransformation, equipping leaders to champion technological adoption andinnovation, ensuring the organisation remains at the forefront of its industry


The AI Leadership Catalyst session is a calculated investment in leadershipdevelopment and organisational competitiveness. It offers an unparalleledopportunity to reshape strategic thinking, operational efficiency, andcompetitive positioning through the lens of AI. By facilitating a deep, practicalunderstanding of AI, this session positions leaders not just as participants in theAI revolution but as visionary architects of the future business landscape.

For organisations committed to excellence and innovation, the AI LeadershipCatalyst represents a strategic pivot point, promising a significant ROI throughenhanced leadership capabilities and organisational performance.

About the Facilitator

Fahed Bizzari is an acclaimed expert in AI transformation, boasting an impressive 20-year track record in entrepreneurship, 18 years in software development and a decade in management consulting and training. He has 2 years of working experience with GPT and he is recognised by Kapwing as being among the top 0.1% of ChatGPT users, underscoring his deep understanding and innovative use of LLMs. Creator of the ChatGPT Accelerator, Fahed is known for pioneering AI-driven solutions that shape industry trends. His role as an international thought leader is evidenced by his frequent invitations to speak and conduct training globally. Fahed s workshops are celebrated for their engaging and insightful nature. He has a unique ability to simplify complex AI concepts, making them easily understandable and actionable for business leaders. Combining practical wisdom with strategic guidance, he adeptly steers individuals and organisations through the nuances of AI transformation towards effective, tangible results.


About Us

Bellamy Alden is one of few AI Transformation companies that empower medium to large-sized organisations with AI training and consulting services. Our aim is to see your organisation realise AI s promises of efficiency and innovation by integrating it into your strategies and operations. We guide and support you in this transformation, equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the unfolding AI landscape. We believe in a holistic approach that emphasises both AI literacy and strategic application. We offer a range of training programmes that cater to the disparate needs of both leaders and other levels of staff. We are dedicated to your long-term success, offering support beyond this workshop to ensure sustained growth and adaptation in the evolving world of AI. Clients include:


Next Steps

We recommend initiating the process with a preliminary session for arepresentative who is wellpositioned to advise your senior leadership team.This individual should be closely aligned with them, possessing insight intotheir decision-making processes and strategic priorities. This representative will experience an AI Leadership Catalyst session to gainfirsthand experience and insights. Thereafter, they will be able to share theirobservations and the potential benefits they perceive with the seniorleadership, providing a well-informed recommendation. To arrange this preliminary session, contact us to find a suitable time. We aimto accommodate your scheduling needs, ensuring the session is convenientand impactful.

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