The 2024 ChatGPT Leadership Fast-Track

4 hours of ChatGPT leadership insights to confidently shape your organisation's 2024 AI strategies and policies.

Are you a C-level executive, director, manager or small business owner?

Are you struggling to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of ChatGPT and how to leverage it in your organisation?

Are you under pressure to adapt ChatGPT but not sure where to start due to ethical, compliance and technical complexities?

Are you worried about being left behind or missing key strategic opportunities by delaying adoption?

Are you unsure how to lead your team in ChatGPT adoption and how it might change your workforce dynamics?

The ChatGPT Leadership Fast-Track is here to help you steer your company-wide strategy, increase departmental success and enhance productivity.

Your Insight Agenda

Six insightful topics designed to give you direct answers to your leadership questions, practical demos on ChatGPT in the workplace and empowering insights for an enlightened 2024.

ChatGPT Essentials

Struggle to understand how ChatGPT actually works, what it can/cannot do and how it measures up against the competition? Clear the fog with deep insights into ChatGPT as a tool.

  • How it actually works
  • Its training data
  • Its capabilities
  • Its reliability
  • Its strengths & weaknesses
  • Its roadmap
  • ChatGPT vs Bard, Claude etc.
Work Transformation

Still think that ChatGPT is just about content creation? It's time to expand your horizon with how ChatGPT redefines efficiency, proficiency and innovation across all facets of knowledge work.

  • The Human/ChatGPT Iceberg Model
  • Practical demos beyond content creation 
  • The strategic benefits of embracing it
  • How it can revolutionise operational efficiency
  • Aligning it with employee development
Organisational Integration

Concerned that ChatGPT won't align with your organisation's unique fabric? Discover the possibilities to make it fit like a glove.

  • Customising ChatGPT to industry or departmental needs
  • Integrating ChatGPT with existing systems
  • Using ChatGPT to aid in business processes automation
Data Safeguarding

Worried about the data implications of implementing ChatGPT in your organisation? You'll be able to navigate the data landscape with confidence.

  • Understanding data usage at OpenAI
  • GDPR compliance
  • Data erasure for privacy compliance
  • Personal data concerns
Implementation Strategies

Want to take the plunge into ChatGPT but wary of the unknown? Step into the future armed with our roadmap to ease your transition. We've navigated the complexities so you don't have to — learn from our journey to streamline yours.

  • The learning curve
  • Adoption challenges
  • Implementation best practices
  • "FASTER ChatGPT" curriculum
  • Ethical considerations
  • Costs involved
  • Operational continuity
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Measuring integration success
Fact vs Fiction

Most people are entangled in myths about ChatGPT. Join in to separate wheat from chaff, dispel rumours and confirming truths in order to base your strategy on facts, not fiction.

  • Memory retention across conversations
  • ChatGPT learning about users over time
  • Data leakage
  • Job displacement
  • ChatGPT matching human creativity and quality
  • Database

The fast-track will end with a fireside chat to address unanswered questions, thereby concluding 4 hours of transformative insights and strategic foresight.

Your ROA — Return on Attendance

By attending the ChatGPT Leadership Fast-Track, you’re not just investing in a half day’s education; you’re building the foundation for your 2024 AI-enabled transformation.


Achieve clarity on how ChatGPT is evolving and its implications for your organisation. Demystify complexities and gain a clear understanding of how it can fit into your organizational strategy.


Through expert insights and case studies, you'll gain the confidence needed to lead your team and organisation forward in a ChatGPT-enhanced future.

Strategic Insight

Make informed decisions rooted in best practices that align with your business goals and the evolving AI landscape.

Practical Frameworks

Acquire practical frameworks for integrating ChatGPT into your business operations.


Ignite a proactive mindset that takes you from contemplation to action in embracing, implementing and harnessing ChatGPT.


Find inspiration in success stories and innovative use cases of ChatGPT. Learn from an experts who have successfully embraced integrated ChatGPT into their strategies, sparking ideas and enthusiasm for what's possible in your own organisation.


Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to be an AI-savvy leader. Leave the seminar feeling equipped and ready to take on the challenges and opportunities presented by ChatGPT in your organisation.


Expand your 2024 vision to include ChatGPT as a tool that shapes the future direction of your organisation.

Secure your place at the forefront of leadership excellence, innovation and operational efficiency.


Fahed Bizzari

Fahed is a British professional whose uniquely diverse and substantial experience makes him the ChatGPT authority for business leaders:

  • 20 years entrepreneurship
  • 10 years management consulting
  • 18 years software development
  • 2 years / ≈4,000 hours in GPT and ChatGPT
  • 10 months teaching/coaching ChatGPT

He is a speaker, trainer & writer who has a genuine mastery of the professional application of ChatGPT, an intuitive understanding of its practical applications and a knack for making the complex easily understandable. He can relate to those who are new to ChatGPT and speaks the language of business leaders.

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Frequently Addressed Concerns


Absolutely. The Summit has been designed to provide organisation leaders with maximum value in a concise timeframe, thereby ensuring that your time is well-spent with practical knowledge and strategic guidance. Trying to get this elsewhere will consume far more time.

Absolutely. The cost of attendance pales in comparison to the knowledge and strategies you will learn.

Yes. We’ve designed the content to ensure relevance across sectors and scale, focusing on the universal aspects of ChatGPT implementation in organisations.

No. The event is strictly educational and every moment will only be dedicated to delivering insights, knowledge and practical strategies relevant to ChatGPT.

Frequently Answered Questions


Yes. Handouts will be given to assist in the learning experience and to provide further learning.

The event will conclude with a fireside chat in which you’ll be invited to discuss anything you like related to ChatGPT. Private discussions will need to be organised after the event on a consulting basis.

Yes. Groups of 5+ from a single organisation qualify for a 20% discount. Please contact us for a customised payment link.

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